Monday, October 10, 2011

Cold Cream Musings

In January this year I discovered the advantages of cold cream, and since then I have been using it religiously. It really does wonders for the complexion, and if I had known the results I would have started years ago. I have spent time browsing the net reading about other peoples experiences using cold cream, and I have noticed that many have been introduced to it by elder relatives. In my family the only one from the older generation (as in grandmas generation) I can remember ever having used skin care products was my great aunt Gudrun, and she used Nivea. I am not sure if she used it as a cleanser or just as a moisturiser, but I understand it was made for both purposes.

Up until now I have been using Pond's cold cream as cleanser, followed by Nivea, and a cotton pad with rose water to remove the stickiness. This has worked really well, but I don't like having to order the cold cream online (for some reason Pond's are not available in Norway), so I have decided to try out Astral Cream instead. What I do is I clean my hands well, apply the cream, and give myself a facial massage. This makes the cream melt, and it feels like a heavy oil. I then remove the oil with rose water and cotton wool. So far it seems to work even better then the old regime. It leaves the skin glowing but not oily or greasy in any way, and the skin tone gets evened out better.