Tuesday, January 26, 2010

From Granny's Kitchen

I went by the local charity shop today, not really looking for anything particular, but a treasure hunt after work can be nice, and I decided to drop in on my way home. Nothing much to catch the eye or imagination in the clothes department, but I stopped by the kitchen/home department, and felt like I had stepped into granny's old kitchen.

They had one of those old manual mix masters. I don't know if this is a Nordic or Norwegian thing, but I cannot remember ever seeing one when I lived in Ireland. I didn't buy it, seeing as I don't really have a use for it, except for sentimental reasons, but I found a picture of it online, and I'm posting it as I thought you might want to see what it looks like.

The one I saw was larger, and could be attached to a table for ease of use.

There were other interesting things as well, and I got an old cake mould which could be converted from the ordinary circular cake shape to a more Victorian pudding shape. I also got an item which I found intriguing, if confusing. It's a tube with several different end plates. The lady at the store said her granny had one like it when she was growing up, and it's apparently used to make cookies with interesting shapes. I will post pictures when the equipment is cleaned and polished :o)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Custom Fur Collar

I had an old friend from University visiting in early autumn last year. We had a great time visiting the Auto-mobile Museum and going to cafés, and I also managed to whip together this collar for her during the weekend, using her old fake fur jacket for material :o)

After making this collar I got fascinated with the vintage fur collars, and started keeping an eye out for them when visiting second hand stores, and I was actually very lucky. I found two very pretty ones I decided to keep for myself, and one I gave to my aunt for Christmas.

I will try to take some nice pictures of my collars later on, but this post is dedicated to Elin and her custom fur collar :o)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Black Wrap Around Apron

I thought I'd share this fairly new apron with my dear readers :o)

Once I had finished the pretty blue apron I realized it was best suited for baking and the kind of cooking that doesn't leave stains, and truth be told, getting in and out of the thing was rather complicated. With this in mind I got some of the black cotton I always keep in my stash for corsetry (even though I haven't made a corset in ages I still keep a good stash of sturdy black cotton - force of habit, I guess), and started draping the pattern. It was quite easy to make, easy to put on, and not least very comfortable. As you can see the sides extends to the back, crosses the back and attaches to the opposite shoulder. You just pull it over your head, no closures or buttons :o)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wedding Dress

I an earlier post I told you that I had been commissioned to make a wedding dress for my sister in law, who was planning a 1930's/1940's wedding. As the wedding and the grand unveiling of the dress took place well before Christmas, I am now posting a few pictures of the bride and groom :o) I just think they both look exceedingly well in these pictures, and the pictures also showcase the dress to it's best advantage.