Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Reusing Vintage Lipstick Cases

I own a few vintage lipstick cases, and I have for the longest time wanted to find a way to use them. Needless to say, you cannot just go to the store and get lipstick refills for them. Nevertheless I decided to go to one of the local beauty stores and ask if any of them had any ideas, and as it turns out, one of the ladies there had tried refilling lipstick cases herself.

This is how it's done.

There are two types of vintage lipstick cases. One type is essentially empty when you buy it, and you get the lipstick refill tube separately. If you have one of the empty lipstick cases you have to get hold of an old refill, remove the lipstick from it, and clean it thoroughly. If you have one of the normal lipstick cases, remove the old lipstick and clean it thoroughly. The lipstick case in the picture is the latter type. I prefer these, as they are easier to clean. You can actually dismantle it by pulling off the tube, clean it, and put it together again. You can see the different parts below.

Once this has been done you can go ahead and decide which replacement lipstick you want. I would recommend you to take a gauge measure of some kind to try and determine the size of the lipstick replacement. So far (I've only done two lipsticks so far) the sizes seem fairly standardized.

The lipstick needs to be firm, and it's probably easier to do this with a new lipstick than an old one.

Once you have decided on a lipstick, put in the freezer for a few hours. I left it for two hours. Then take a piece of tissue and use it to get a grip on the lipstick. Pull the lipstick gently out, insert it into the vintage lipstick case, and voilà, you are ready to dazzle your friends with your elegant, vintage lipstick :o)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Winter Already!

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, it was snowing quite a few places on the journey back from the north of Norway a few days ago, but as Lillehammer is in the south of the country, I wasn't expecting it to start snowing here today.

Stating that I was more or less prepared for winter was apparently not a good move.

The picture above is showing the view from my kitchen window. It really doesn't do the weather justice, the snow flakes are huge, and it is coming down pretty hard. I am not sure at what time it started, but I would assume that it was no more than an hour before I took the picture.

I left work early today, which in a sense was a stroke of luck (even if the stomach upset that led to the hasty departure was anything but pleasant), since I was wearing mary-janes to work.

I do feel a little bemused about this. When we were living in Ireland, snow was rare, and mostly a source of entertainment, as the traffic would grind to a halt, trains stop running, and people were generally be quite taken by surprise by snow. It would also usually never last more than a few hours. Now this - this is a prelude to what could possibly be 6 months of snow.

It could very well be that I'm not quite ready for winter yet...

Monday, October 05, 2009

Autumn Break

I offered myself the luxury of an autumn break this year, and spent a week at my mum's place in the north of Norway.

I intended to take pictures, but as the rain was literally pouring down most of the week, I didn't get around to it, so I have instead posted a picture taken some three years ago, when I was home for Christmas.

Imagine it without snow, with green, golden and red leaves, and sopping wet from rain, and there you have it - Korgen at autumn.

I had a lovely time, catching up with family and friends, some of which I hadn't seen in 3 years, and I also got to look through my mums box of old buttons, something I loved to do when I was growing up. It was just as exciting this time around as when I was 10 :o)

Talking about snow; it's still only October, but when I took the train home from holidays, it was actually snowing several places. I must admit it feels odd, after so many years spent in a place where snow is a rarity, to have start snowing in October. But on the other hand, I have lots of candles, I have stacked up on tea and books, and I reckon I'm ready for winter, although I would prefer it to wait at least a month longer.