Monday, April 13, 2009

The Bias Binder

I am currently working on a 1950's net petticoat, which will be a present for my cousin, and this project allowed me to test the bias binder earlier today.

It looks to me that the 201 sewing machine, which these attachments were intended for, had the needle positioned a tiny bit further to the right than mine, and today I noticed that this makes the bias binder difficult to use. The binder worked wonderfully in so far as it does what it's supposed to - folds and keeps the binding in place while you are stitching, but unfortunately half of the time, the stitches didn't quite catch the binding.

I am wondering if this is solely due to the positioning of the needle, or if it can also be blamed on the binding. I used some cheap polyester ribbon I got in Inspiring Ideas, Blanchardstown, when I was living in Ireland. It looks quite OK, but it is very stiff, thick and slippery. I also think it would have been easier to stitch it on if I had been attaching it to something other than net. Very flimsy stuff, net.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sewing Machine Attachments

Singer attachments (mostly)
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Here's a picture of the attachments I got from ebay, as well as a few I got from one of the local thrift stores.

Starting at the back row, the attachment on the left back row is a ruffler. Amazing thing, I tested it already, and it makes wonderful ruffles and pleats. The next attachment is a tuck marker. It makes it easy to sew even tucks. I haven't tested it yet, but from what I've read, it's very handy. The last attachment on the back row is an adjustable hemmer.

The attachment at the left in the middle row is a foot hemmer, which creates very narrow hems, and according the only person I know who have used it, it works well for very fine fabrics. The next attachment is a bias binder, then there is the edge stitcher, which is good for piecing strips of lace together. The last attachment in the middle row is a gatherer, which works well on fine fabrics.

The 3 attachments in the front I got from a local thrift store. I can use it with the singer, although I suspect they were made for a Huskvarna machine. I am not 100% sure what these attachments do, but I suspect that the one on the left is for sewing on braids. The other two are very much alike, in fact, the only difference I can see is that one of them have a graduated groove underneath it.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

black/red 1950's style petticoat

black/red 1950's style petticoat
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Some 2 years ago I made 2 1950 style petticoats out of stiff net. They turned out great, and due to heavy use one of them has several tears in it, and both of them became very limp. I mended most of the tears a while back, and yesterday I decided to buy a can of starch and see if I could pouf them up a bit. I drenched them in smelly starch, let them dry, and repeated the treatment some 4 times, and it worked quite well. They could do with a few more treatments, but the smell of the starch got to me in the end.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Vintage dress recovery 2

Yay! The dress is saved, I think. It still needs a light steaming to ease out the crinkles left by the stretching process, but other than that, I think the dress will be OK :o)

I think I have finally learned not to throw vintage dresses in the washer ;o)