Monday, April 13, 2009

The Bias Binder

I am currently working on a 1950's net petticoat, which will be a present for my cousin, and this project allowed me to test the bias binder earlier today.

It looks to me that the 201 sewing machine, which these attachments were intended for, had the needle positioned a tiny bit further to the right than mine, and today I noticed that this makes the bias binder difficult to use. The binder worked wonderfully in so far as it does what it's supposed to - folds and keeps the binding in place while you are stitching, but unfortunately half of the time, the stitches didn't quite catch the binding.

I am wondering if this is solely due to the positioning of the needle, or if it can also be blamed on the binding. I used some cheap polyester ribbon I got in Inspiring Ideas, Blanchardstown, when I was living in Ireland. It looks quite OK, but it is very stiff, thick and slippery. I also think it would have been easier to stitch it on if I had been attaching it to something other than net. Very flimsy stuff, net.

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