Thursday, January 14, 2010

Black Wrap Around Apron

I thought I'd share this fairly new apron with my dear readers :o)

Once I had finished the pretty blue apron I realized it was best suited for baking and the kind of cooking that doesn't leave stains, and truth be told, getting in and out of the thing was rather complicated. With this in mind I got some of the black cotton I always keep in my stash for corsetry (even though I haven't made a corset in ages I still keep a good stash of sturdy black cotton - force of habit, I guess), and started draping the pattern. It was quite easy to make, easy to put on, and not least very comfortable. As you can see the sides extends to the back, crosses the back and attaches to the opposite shoulder. You just pull it over your head, no closures or buttons :o)


  1. Very nice (even in black), but it has something I don't - a waist!!!!!!
    Nice idea - i'm falling more and more in love with aprons always need new ideas...

  2. Hiya Bronny!

    It does indeed have a waist. I didn't make it with a waist in mind, but I think it's the pull from the back that creates it. None the less, it's quite flattering on :o)

    I actually didn't have a pattern to start with, I just saw this drawing of a similar apron, adjusted the dress form to my size (a little larger for good measure), and draped the pattern on the dress form. Easy peasy :o)