Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Thrift Store Find :o)

During my search for the perfect winter bloomers (say one thing for Suna, say she's persistent), I have given some thought to perhaps knitting a pair. But as yarn is expensive, the knitting pattern I have is from I think 1905, and it's hard to substitute the yarn called for, as well as tricky to estimate which needle size I'll need, I have been reluctant to give it a try.

Last weekend I visited my favourite thrift store, and one of the first things I saw what the wonderful knitted bloomers above :oD

Such luck, I could hardly believe my eyes! They are 100% wool, very soft to the touch, and they fit perfectly :oD

Of course I got them, and I'm really looking forward to wearing them this winter. I thought last winter was bad, but now I've been told it was rather mild (with -25 degrees!). Apparently, it's not unusual to get up to -32. If this proves true, I'll probably need knitted long johns...

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  1. Lucky find - so many times I have announced to the world at large (my 2 boys and hubby) that I'd really love to find xxxx and within the week, have walked into a thrift shop and found exactly xxxx It would be lovely if I could do that trick with patterns and floss...