Friday, July 29, 2011

Skirt guards

Some time ago I decided I wanted to make a crocheted skirt guard for my vintage bicycle. I couldn't get hold of the yarn the pattern called for, and so I had to do a little bit of experimenting to get the size right. I also discovered that the slippery quality that made the yarn I had chose so pretty also made the ends escape even if I anchored them really well. I solved that with discreet use of fabric glue. The skirt guard had to have some sort of opening in the back half as well as the front to make it fit the bike. I rummaged around my button collection and found the coloured ones you see in the first picture. I stitched them on, and buttoned the skirt guard in place.

Here are some pictures of the new skirt guard:

Here's the skirt guard on the bike. Isn't she a beauty? She has no gears, but rides really well. And for the dark autumn evenings she has a dynamo operated front light. She also has a drum brake in the front, which apparently is fool proof, only lately the front wheel has started making odd, suffering squeaking sounds when I ride her. According to my cousin, who builds bikes for fun (I'm so impressed by that man, give him any practical sort if problem, be it electrical, bikes or what have you, and he manages to solve it), I need to remove the front wheel, open the drum brake, and check that everything is evenly positioned in there. I'm working up courage as we speak. It might take a while...

In Norway in the 1960's it was common to have skirt guards made of fabric. Usually oil cloth. I made one of these as well, and use it on my modern bike. I prefer to ride the modern bike on longer trips, as it's less likely to break down on me. I also made the matching padded seat cover. The shopping box at the back I got through ebay.


  1. Hi, I really really love your skirt guards!! Having trawled the internet for forever, I hadn't found a skirt guard I liked. I can't crochet to save my life but I'd love a pattern for making my skirtguard on my sewing machine. Would it be possible to buy a copy of your pattern? Have you joined the seams with piping? Many Thanks in advance Ann Vials

    1. Hiya Ann,

      I'll see if I can turn the pattern into a PDF, add instructions and make it available on Etsy. I'll make sure to blog about it when it's done.

  2. I know I'm resurrecting an old post, but did you ever get the pattern into a pdf? I don't see a link to your etsy shop, unless I'm just missing it completely. Thanks!

  3. Unfortunately I have suffered with recurring tendinitis for years, and haven't been able to sit down and write the tutorial. Hopefully I'll be able to do it later on, but no time soon I'm afraid.