Sunday, July 29, 2012

Home Made Cold Cream

I made a batch of home made cold cream yesterday, and discovered quite by chance how to get a fluffy, creamy result. When I made cold cream previously I used the instructions and recipe from The Vintage Style Files, and the cold cream was nice, but the consistency of it was more like a slightly grainy body butter than cold cream. The instructions says to beat the cream until it goes white, glossy and slightly thick, but when I use the stick blender it gets like this almost immediately. I would usually spend some 10 minutes at it with the stick blender, which gives the consistency I described above.

For some time now I have wondered how it would turn out if I beat it for a couple of minutes only, and yesterday I decided to give it a go. I used the blender for a few minutes and then poured the cream into containers. This was a very bad idea. I ended up with  the wax and oil slightly congealed, whereas the rose water had separated. I then decided to try mixing it all together again using the stick blender and see if this would help, and boy did it! Have a look:
The picture might be a little bright, but hopefully you'll see how light and creamy it got. I then tested with an older batch to see if I could get it to be like this even though it was made a week ago, and it turned out just as well. It feels similar to Pond's, albeit a little richer. It's smooth, silky and wonderfully creamy, and I'm just so proud :D

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