Sunday, March 17, 2013

Another Bra Adventure

Sorry for the recent silence. I had a breast reduction done end of January, and time seems to have flown by. I'm really happy with the results, it's just so nice to have small breasts and not have to carry around the weight of the old ones. It's also nice to have them back up where they belong :)

I had to wear a soft non wired bra 8 weeks after the surgery, and the sports bra was all right, but I wanted something that would give more shape, so I bought a few classic 1950's 60's style bras, the kind grannies usually favour, and it's amazingly comfy, at least when you have relatively small breasts. They mostly come in black and white, but I've found out that most of the white ones can be dyed, so I now have brown, wine and dark blue bras as well as black.

I've been thinking of diving back into hand made lingerie. I made a bra a year ago from this pattern, and I decided to give it another go, but do the longline version this time. So far I've been struggling with the mock up. I altered the pattern again tonight, and will give it another go tomorrow. The last time I made this bra I measured myself from between the breasts straight across the fullest part to the point where I wanted the cup to end, but since I now have a 38 inch bust (yay!) I thought it would be fine to simply cut out the pattern as marked, but no. I needed to make the cup wider this time as well. I'll start on the third (!) mock up tomorrow, wish me luck.

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