Monday, August 03, 2015

Blog take two

I know that many bloggers go through phases where they're not that active, blogwise. It's been two years since I last posted anything, this is because I've gone through a long period of health problems. It turns out I have suffered from something called Muscular Pain Syndrome which brought on tendinitis and pains, especially in my arms and neck, and for years I had to ration out my strength and capacity. The well known spoon analogy ME sufferers use to explain their lives certainly applies here. I've managed to recover if not completely at least close to that, and this experience has changed my outlook on things.

I feel extremely lucky to have managed to get as well as I am. It was hard work, lots of trial and error, and frustrations galore, and now that my body works again it feels as if I've been given a second chance. I want to find a job I enjoy, be active, knit all the things that I've wanted for years, sew the 1930's men's trousers I've coveted and make replicas of some of my vintage clothes. I want to see if I'll be able to keep my sewing area tidy (how do other people manage it?) and sew up some of the fabrics I've been hoarding (to make room for more :D ). And I want to read and have Miss Marple and Poirot film marathons, not because that's all I can manage, but because it makes me feel great :)

In the midst of all this I'll give blogging a second go too. I'll aim to post at least once a week, expect to find blogs on the things I've made since I last posted, and possibly some book reviews.

Finally, here's a picture of yours truly enjoying a nice cup of tea, wearing my red miss Lemon jumper :)


  1. Good Golly, what a fabulous sweater!!
    I am sorry to hear about your illness, but I am glad you feel better. Looking forward to reading your posts, and don't worry about any schedule. Keep the pressure off, and post because you want to. That is was works for me anyway ;)

  2. Thanks for your kind compliment :) I love this jumper, it makes me feel like I'm stepping out of a Poirot-film. I'm quite excited about giving blogging a second go, the thought behind trying to blog regularly is to avoid the block that tends to develop if I wait too long between posts, but yes, I agree that it's best to avoid turning it into a chore. That never pays! Have a great day :)

  3. Hi there!

    I can't find contact info on here, so will try here. I run a Vintage KAL and for our Fall KAL we are doing an Agatha Christie theme. Would it be ok for us to use your Miss Lemon sweater pattern? I can be contacted at :)