Friday, February 12, 2010

Pleasures and Disappointments

I do love ebay, I have gotten hold of many a treasure there, and some of my most fabulously glamorous pieces, such as the fox stole was aquired through ebay, but lately I have had some disappointments too.

I decided to treat myself to some new dresses, and not just any dresses, but knitted dresses from the Per Una range of Marks and Spencer's. I got one which was perfect, one which was nice, but just didn't suit me (I'll give that one to my cousin) and one which was a total disappointment. I am usually good at estimating what a garment looks like in real life from pictures, and also how they are constructed, but in this case I just don't know what happened.

The dress in question is the one in the below picture:

The dress looks very different in person, and I suspect it must have been pulled down on the dummy quite a bit to make it appear longer. I am not very tall, 1.63 meters, but this ends mid thigh on me. It does appear to be longer, doesn't it?

It's also supposed to be a UK size 12. I think in US sizes that would be a size 10. But the dress looks more like a UK 8 to me. I can still wear it, but it is skin tight, and - ahem - rather revealing...

Not sure what to do with it yet, perhaps wear it when watching Marilyn Monroe films, to get in the proper diva mood, or maybe give it to charity.

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