Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Decadent Pleasures

New Fox Boa
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I have been ebaying quite a bit lately, and one of my latest acquisitions is a wonderful 1940's (?) fox boa. It's a whole fox, with tail, head, feet and body, and it's in a gorgeous deep brown/burgundy colour. It was love at first sight, and today I decided to dress up in a 1930's style outfit, and wear the fox in public.

I was a little apprehensive at first, seeing as this is very definitively a dead animal, and although it's vintage, I was a little worried that some of the local animals rights people might pour ketchup on me, but it went rather well. I did attract a few stares, but no ketchup bottles in sight, and I must admit to feeling very glamorous :o)

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  1. How glamourous!!! I remember having a fox stole - head/tail/paws and all - and don't remember how or why I got rid of it - I think mum must have insisted..... Wear it often with pride!