Friday, March 25, 2016

Spring Knitting Projects

You guys might have caught on to the fact that I've had problems with my arms. It lasted for years and limited the things I could do, but one of the things I could do was lust after knitted jumpers. My Ravelry queue inflated until it reached the stage where knitting everything on it was more wishful thinking than realistic goals.

Last summer I spent 2 months gradually getting used to knitting again, and since then I've mainly knitted DK winter jumpers, and I now own enough winter jumpers to last me a while. The next goal is lace and thin knitted jumpers for spring, summer and autumn :)

Again, my Ravelry queue keeps growing and mutating, and I thought it might make it easier to get an overview if I list the top 5 items on my knitting wish-list.

How about you guys, do you have any knitting/crafting plans made up?


  1. I've made the one at the bottom! It is dead simple, and really nice to wear.

    The neck details in the second and third pictures - faux tie and openwork - are really intriguing.

    I'm currently working on 'It Cannot Fail To Please', from ASIT vol 1. I've been struggling over the length; four pattern repeats seems a bit short but five far too long. I've gone with four and am hoping for the best...

  2. I've just started the slip stitch jumper on the bottom of the list :) I'm going for a deep burgundy for the welt, sleeve ribbing and yoke, and pale blue, deep purple, a pale latte colour and of course the burgundy for the slip stitch pattern. I like It Cannot Fail to Please as well, one day I'll knit it. When it comes to the length of jumpers I've concluded I need 13.5 inches from hem to armscye. I've made a cardigan that's shorter than that and I keep pulling it down. Could you do 4 1/2 repeats for the jumper or would it look off?