Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I browsed through some of the blogs I try to keep up with after work, and found that one of the bloggers, Bronny is offering up this completely yummy and very fitting embroidery, with the text "She who dies with the most patterns, is not stitching fast enough". Very fitting, as I feel a blush coming up just thinking of my stash of patterns. It's quickly approaching an embarrassing level, and if someone asks how many sewing patterns I own, I'm apt to lie. Not necessarily a direct lie though, but something along the lines of - oh, I don't know, perhaps 20. I haven't counted. I have of course not counted, but as one of my favourite books contain no less than 350 sewing, needlework and millinery patterns, it doesn't take a math genius to spot the fib.

I do intend to make most of the patterns though - eventually ;o)

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