Friday, May 08, 2009

Sad news

Even if I have moved back to Norway, I still keep in touch with my old colleagues and friends in Ireland, and these last few days, friends from my former work place have been relating bad news. 

The finance crisis has been hard on advertising companies in general, and my old company has suffered badly, although whether this is mainly due to the crisis, business decisions or management is, I would assume, an open question.

No matter the reason, the result is still that another 9 people have been laid off. I am not sure of the details, but I have the impression that they had to leave the very day they were told. Also the way they were told leave a thing or two to be desired. After having worked in a company for several years, having done a good job, and done your best for the company, I would say that you deserve more than having one of the managers come up to you, at work, in public, to let you know, quite casually, that you have been fired.

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  1. Truly not an ideal way to lose your job - Several years ago the company I worked for (on maternity leave at the time), called the staff into an open meeting at 9am - at 9:30 everybody had gone home, newly unemployed. There had been no warning, no inkling of what was to happen. The multinational company had just decided to close that particular state's branch.
    I do hope your friends are able to rally themselves and find gainful employment soon.