Monday, August 03, 2009

Behold the baggy bloomers of winter :o)

bloomers side
Originally uploaded by Vintage Granny

As promised in the previous post, here's a picture of the bloomers I made last weekend. If you want to see more pictures of them you can click on the picture, and visit my Flickr account.

Once the frills were in place, the bloomers looked a lot better, I find. I will still dye them, and probably also attach some lace to the frills, but now I can actually see myself wearing the bloomers, baggy behind or not :o)


  1. I think bloomers are a great idea for winter, and you've done a great job - baggy bum and all! I might have to follow your lead and think about that idea for next winter!

  2. Thanks Bronny :o)

    I am just about to start on my second attempt, using a pattern based on my favourite pyjama bottoms, so stay tuned :o)

  3. Wearing myself 1860s long underpants during the winter, I assure you, our anchestors did know how to keep warm and not feeling sexy at all. :)

  4. *wandersinfromgoogle*
    (*__*) cute bloomers XD I quite like the fabric(almost a shame to dye them, ah well)!
    I still have a pair of drawers to finish(still got the frill & elastic to sort). I made them in a peach~y fabric(left over from making an obi). I haven't used any vintagey style patterns yet(terms in english patterns confuzzle me), just ones in Japanese "mooks"(like the Gothic & Lolita Bible).