Sunday, August 02, 2009

Flannel bloomers for the winter

Lillehammer gets very, very cold in winter, last winter we had -20 and more. Freezing! So with August already here, I started thinking about how to keep warm in skirts next winter, and I decided to make bloomers. Flannel bloomers.

I decided to use the above pattern, which I got from one of my pattern books. I scaled it as per the instructions, it came together really well, and have all the distinguising marks of victorian bloomers, including a baggy, enormous bum. I have no doubt these bloomers will keep me warm, considering the amount of fabric used, but these bloomers might be the one of the least sexy garments I have ever seen. I suppose it doesn't help that I made them from a yellow, pink and baby blue flannel sheet. I am planning to dye them navy blue though, hopefully that will help. I will post a picture of the bloomers as they are now later on, as I reckon there are others out there besides my boyfriend in need of a good laugh ;o)

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