Friday, August 28, 2009

New Apron

I have this fascination with aprons, this I freely admit. I love them. I enjoy both using them while cooking, and simply looking at them. It's a very feminine garment, and I love the frillyness and the retro appeal of them. At the moment I own 5 aprons, including this. This one will however be a birthday gift, so it won't remain in my collection for long.

Last week the Commercial Pattern Archive had a free, week long trial, and this is where I found the pattern I used for this apron. The pattern was from the 1930's, and has a flattering bias cut. The checked fabric I got at my favourite thrift store for a pittance, I don't think it's vintage, but it still has a vintage look, which is good enough for me. Here's a view of the back:

I'm rather proud of this apron; it's simple, yet very charming, and I hope the recipient will be as happy with it as I am :o)


  1. What a flattering pattern. I'm becoming more enamoured of aprons, I don't like the commercially available ones here, and the one I am using is a man's bbq apron. I think the vintage styles are so much mo evocative of a gentler eara. Of course one would need a waist to wear such a lovely apron as that. Doesn't stop me admiring in any case - lovely work!

  2. I saw on your Flickr page, that you are very productive the last few days. I enjoy looking at old fashioned aprons very much (as you know ;) ).

    If you like them, wear them. Please do not make the common mistake of believing every woman back than had a size 8. Don't spend your live dreaming, live your dream and join us on the sunny side of vintage. An apron is a good start ;)

  3. Thanks to both of you for the nice comments. And Bronny, there are quite a few vintage apron designs which would look good on a fuller figure. Have a look at the yellow one in this picture:

    The slight v-shape of the bib gives an illusion of hourglass figure, as does the cut of the skirt. I have the pattern, or rather a drawing of the pattern pieces, if you are interested. You would still have to drape the pattern to get your size, but it's still a great help to know what the pattern pieces should look like :o)